The last round of capitalist growth profoundly reshaped our cities forcing many from the centre to the outskirts as the yuppie flats went up. Now as that economy falters possibilities emerge to start taking things back!

Even as recently as the last National Squat Meetup in Leeds, and before that the international gatherings in Dijon and Berlin, the threat of corporate expansion, to squats and autonomous spaces, was top of the agenda… now its time for us to start expanding. Of course this doesn’t mean for a second that the repression will cease (perhaps quite the opposite) but it’s a good reason to get our heads (and hearts) together to think about how to move forward.


This is a callout for all those involved/interested in squats and autonomous spaces across the UK and beyond, to meet and share ideas, stories and practical strategies and discuss issues that affect us all as a community. Following on from the Leeds meetup last year to discuss the april2008 days of action, many smaller local gatherings and actions have taken place and ongoing processes have begun. As thousands face homelessness whilst half the city sits empty we want to keep thinking about ways of strengthening our network in defence of autonomous spaces, share success stories from last year’s days of action and formulate future plans and schemes for creative chaos!


This year’s meet up will be in the Bristol area and will run over the weekend. If you can arrive a few days early to help secure and create the space that would be great also. All the usual tat will be helpful – esp. blue pipe & connectors, seating, food, heaters – whatever you think may be useful – most of all positive energy, enthusiasm and thoughts to share skills and engage in open dialogue.
The agenda will be decided between us all on Friday evening – if you’ve got any ideas you can leave a comment below. You can also email comments/ suggestions/mad ideas to squatmeetup [at] googlemail[dot]com.


How to better link up nationally/internationally
Another big day of action?
International call out?
Current trend of illegal and police supported evictions
…And lots of fun!


…how about making visual representation of the last years events and activities, successes and failures?  Lets bring old flyers, posters, newsletters and photos of the different autnonomous spaces and events you have been involved in during the past year.  We can paste it all together for all to see!  Also bring paint and creativity to decorate the space and bring it to life!


~ by squatmeet09 on February 6, 2009.

10 Responses to “CALLOUT – NATIONAL SQUAT MEET 2009”

  1. “pride in our cultural identity’

    what does this concept mean? It sounds quite scary to me!

    • Pride in the collective culture that we are building through the network of people who create and maintain autonomous spaces.
      Don’t think it is that scary rather just pointing out that through a diverse range of actions we are creating an alternative culture based on empowering oursleves in oppostion to mainstream values of private property.
      Surely that is something to be proud of?

  2. sounds awesome, see you there!

  3. I’m there! But where abouts in Bristol?

  4. More details of where exactly in Bristol will be announced nearer to the time and a number to phone for directions!

  5. Callout for people to bring any food for the kitchen!
    Essentials such as rice and beans, and herbs, spices and oil are always needed!

    Also there will be a kidspace so any art materials, soft furnishings and willing participants are needed!!

  6. Any more news on this?

  7. Everything is go go go…..location will be announced late next week on this site.

  8. Hey, I have some time and energy to spare, and a camera. I wondered if I could lend a hand and may be film some of the progress a la last April’s great video?

  9. Hi yeah, ring the number for directions and come on down tomorrow. Course you’ll have to ask everyone if you can film.
    All is going well

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